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        Our Mission Statement

        It is our mission to supply the best quality products direct from the factory at the lowest possible price to ensure that our customers can generate higher profits at a sustainable and competitive price level in the market.

        Freight forwarding provided by
        Imvusa Trading (PTY) LTD


        • Sourcing

        • Quality Control

        • International transfers

        • Shipping

        • Letter of Authority (LOA'S)

        This is an integral part of our service delivery. We are able to source from several countries including China, Italy and India. Our main country of source is China where we have our own office situated in the hub of the appliance sector in Yuyao, Ningbo in the north of China. We attend 2 Canton fair exhibitions in April and October to make sure that we are able to source the best quality products at the best possible price. Our ability to source give us a high success rate in our selections as we select lines that are approved by our audit team in China prior to samples being sent to SA. This means that the products will pass all regulatory standards in SA and thus save time and money in sending several samples for approval to SA. Our pricing structure is based on locally sourced China prices with the benefit of margin passed on to our customers rather than based prices on delivery from SA warehousing. We source several categories such as small appliances, seasonal appliances, major appliances, audio visual, outdoor, kitchenware and gifts. We have built relationships in the China business community that has lasted over 20 years and have given us the edge in providing first to market lines.

        Quality is the cornerstone of our business and we follow a stringent inspection protocol. Although the international standard (AQL) is around 2-4% we realized that to maintain factory standards and get the return rates down, we employ a 10% minimum inspection rate. If the technology employed is new to the trade, we employ a 20% inspection rate that instills a discipline in the factory to drastically reduce mistakes. However, this also allows for a higher turn-down rate as well. Please note that when a rework is requested, we will only follow that protocol once, as too much handling of the products could result in a less than desired aesthetic appearance to the final product. We, as a company, pride ourselves to supply a quality product.

        We, as a company, understand the challenges that smaller supply companies face due to the lack of infrastructure in the East. This is mainly due to the requirements of the reserve bank in SA to comply with international transfer regulations and respective commissioning of documents related to overseas transactions. This is a SARS requirements and cannot be ignored. We take care of all the related issues regarding importing by giving our customers the opportunity to deal with one company in the East rather than several companies that require submission of all related documents, in a timeous fashion. We ensure that our clients are able to keep track of their transactions with regular reporting. We release a weekly report to our clients on payments requirements for all shipments and due dates to help mange exchange rate fluctuations. This also enables the client to get their bill of lading (BL or BoL) in time to release the goods in SA as to not incur any demurrage fees in SA due to NON RELEASE of consignment. We issue a telex release upon final payments after BL or BoL copies have been sent to our clients, within 3 days of receipt. For the smaller companies, we also offer a local supply (RAND) solution where they pay a deposit and balance against delivery.

        We are able to ship from any port in the East as well as the rest of the world. We use two clearing and forwarding companies and selections are done based on the quantity of containers that need to be shipped and reporting structures that need to be maintained. The smaller companies work with a smaller and cheaper forwarding company that enable them to maintain higher margins and thus grow at a faster rate. However, due to the size of the business, they do not enjoy better payment terms and thus are on a COD (cash on delivery) rate. The bigger companies have a more intensive reporting structure to maintain integrity of supply and timeline management. These companies would be preferred to deal with the bigger clearing agent. These clients enjoy a better payment terms structure based on their influx of goods to SA.

        Due to the regulatory requirements and standards of SA, all electrical items are required to have a Letter of Authority (LOA) to ensure certain safety requirements of all products. Unfortunately, this is a tedious process and takes up to 120 days to get an LOA to be able to sell the goods in SA. We, as a company, apply for LOAs on your behalf to make sure that the goods are safe and that it is saleable in SA. This document that is issued by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) is also required by customs upon arrival of these goods at port, to clear the goods. Gem Appliances has built a trusting relationship with the inspectors that give us an edge in pre-clearing so that we do not incur any demurrage costs that might hold up the clearing process at our ports. However, we are bound by policy and will not release goods to be sold until we have the LOA in hand. We are also able to do TECH items that include items that might carry sound wave / WIFI or Bluetooth capabilities as these items require ICASA approval as well.



        I hereby would like to thank GEM Appliances for the excellent service during the development of our Private Label Brand Appliances. Mr. Gary Van der Berg and his team delivered exceptional professional assistance during this time, and were fully committed to delivering Quality product and ensuring orders were delivered on time. Factory standards and compliance were key in their service delivery. Gem Appliances is committed to the task and the most reliable and honest supplier I've had the pleasure of working with and look forward to new opportunities with them.

        - Petwina Martin, Boardmans Specialist Buyer | Kitchen & Appliances - Edcon

        GEM APPLIANCE it is very professional company. When cooperation with Them,We already can get some kind care and suggestion. Let us improve our quality and service. Mr.Gary always come to China. Discuss with us about market,Models,and future cooperation.He is very very good business man! We cooperation wth GEM more than two years now. Feel so pleasure that can develop with GEM. We are wish GEM can become much more stronger in future!!

        - Cixi Feiyan Appliance Co.,Ltd.

        Fantastic professional service received from the GEM appliance team. Flexible in supporting our strategy and vision Thank you

        - IMANDI CAYANIS Senior Buyer - Kitchenware @Home

        Contact Us

        send us a message

        18 Zuidmeer Street, Charleston Hill, Paarl


        +27(0)21 862 0155

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